Rice with cuttlefish with its inks, prawns and winter vegetables

We clean the cuttlefish, preserving its interior: the roe, the liver and its inks and we chop it into dice keeping its skin.

We peel the prawns and lightly fry them in the paella and we remove it from the pot.

We fry the garlic and the beans and remove it,

We then add the artichokes and fry them over low heat.

While we finely chop all the parts of the cuttlefish, we fry a minced garlic in a pan and we add the cuttlefish with the inks, cook over low heat for a few minutes until everything binds and takes texture and consistency with the ink.

Once our artichokes are well browned in the pan, we set them aside and add our cuttlefish, chopped and fry it lightly. We then fry the minced garlic, a generous spoonful of paprika and the tomato. Once the tomato is well fried, we integrate it with the cuttlefish and we add a couple of tablespoons of our cuttlefish ink sauce, we integrate everything and we add our fish broth.

When it starts to boil, we let it go for 2/3 minutes, we taste and add some salt if needed and add the rice that we will cook over médium-high heat for 5/7 minutes, we add our infusion of saffron. After 10 minutes we add the artichokes and reduce the intensity of the heat to a mínimum. 2 or 3 minutes later we add the beans, garlic and prawns. We let it cook for the last 5 minutes over low heat. Enjoy!


3 liters off fish broth.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

2 cuttlefish.

6 prawns.

6 artichoke hearts quartered.

A handful of fresh beans.

A bunch of garlic

1 clove garlic

1 grated tomato


Saffron Infusion

400 grams of tancat rice from Tartana, Albufera variety.


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