Creamy rice with chicken, rabbit, broad beans, garlic and White beans, for 3 people.

We put the olive oil in the parisien, we heat it, and we add the garlic shoots to sauté. We ad some salt and browned them. We remove them from the pot, and then we put the meat to fry. We salt it. Once roasted on the outside, we add the sweet paprika and the grated tomato. Once the tomato is done, we add the water, and let it start to boil. After 5 min, we add the white beans and the broad beans. After 15-20 more minutes of cooking, we add some salt if needed, the Albufera rice and add the saffron or coloring. After 5 min, the garlic shoots are reincorporated. After 16 minutes of cooking, we remove the pot from the stove and let it rest for about 5-10 minutes. Enjoy!


1 parisien type frying pan.

100 ml of olive oil.

2 chopped chicken thighs.

1/4 of chopped rabbit.

100 g garlic shoots.

300 g White beans pod.

200 g shelled green beans.

1 grated pear tomato.

2 small tablespoons of sweet paprika essence.

2.5 l of water.

30 strands of infused saffron or 2 small tablespoons of food coloring.

270 g of Tartana Rice “de Tancat” Albufera variety



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