Creamy rice with blue crab from Albufera Lake, for 5 people.

We cut the crabs in half and clean them. We add the olive oil in the parisien, sauté the garlic shoots and remove them from the pot. We the fry the the onion, and when they are half done, we add the crabs are added. We put some salt. Next, we add the sweet paprika, and the grated tomato. We then add the broth, and let it come to a boil. After 10 minutes of cooking, we add the infused saffron, add some salt if needed and add the half chilli. We put  the Albufera “de Tancat” variety rice from Arroz Tartana. After about 8 minutes of cooking the rice over moderate heat and stirring it carefully to release the soluble starch, we add the beans and garlic. The rice only needs 8 more minutes to cook over low heat, we then remove it from the stove and let it rest. Enjoy!


1 Parisien style pot.

100 cl of olive oil.

5 blue crabs from the Albufera Lake.

1 sweet onion

100 g garlic shoots.

300 g shelled beans.

1 tablespoon of sweet paprika.

Half chilli.

2 grated pear tomatoes.

3 l of fish broth.

Infusion of 50 saffron strands D.O. La Mancha.

450 g of Tartana rice de “Tancat” Albufera variety.


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