Can we recover a RUSTY PAELLA?

If it hasn’t happened to you already, it can! After a good Paella with family or friends, the long-awaited after-dinner always arrives full of joy, nice talk and “germanor”, friendship. People are having drinks such gin-tonics and rice liquor … but the paella continues without scrubbing… Some said “I’ll do it tomorrow”, but several days have passed (you didn’t even remember the paella pan), at least you put it to soak, it has rusted and you would throw it  away … but what can be done? Well, get it back!… Here are the guidelines to follow:

1º) With a metal painter’s spatula, patiently remove any possible rust.

2nd) Moisten, spray with a cleaner (powerful detergent for paella pans and pots) and thoroughly impregnate the entire surface of the paella pan. And let it work for a few minutes.

3rd) With a stainless steel metal scourer, scrub vigorously until all the rust disappears, then rinse properly.

4th) Spray with a quality dishwasher detergent, add ssome water and scrub everything thoroughly (with a resistant green wool scourer) and rinse.

5th) Dry the paella with kitchen paper, energetically, quickly and carefully, without leaving any residue anywhere.

6º) To finish, spread with kitchen paper a few drops of food oil, to protect it from oxidation during storage. The oil has to impregnate all the steel, without any excess, until all the metal is polished.

What if you’re in the forest and you don’t have a powerful detergent for paellas on hand? Well, the old trick is to use moistened gravelly soil instead, and follow the rest of the instructions.

Oh, and don’t forget that when you use the paella pan again, you Will always have to wash it first.

If you know any more tricks, TELL US!


Freakies del Arroz: Juan Carlos GALBIS -Maestro de maestros arroceros-, José ZAFRA, -apasionado de los arroces- y Juan Valero -Gerente de ARROZ TARTANA-.

Rice freaks: Juan Carlos GALBIS -Master of rice masters-, José ZAFRA, -passionate about rice-, and Juan Valero, RICE TARTANA CEO

Sembramos #culturadearroz


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