Since the beginnings of the cultivation, we produce different varieties of rice: round grain, medium grain as well as long grain.


It’s rounded and pearl shaped, greatly aprreciated and recognized by major restaurateurs, chefs, foodies, and more demanding consumers. Its grain absorbs the broth and the flavors in a very special way, achieving exceptional taste, and it manages to duplicate its volume during the boiling, and it does not thicken. The cooking time is around 18-20 minutes. This variety is particularly suitable for Mediterranean rice dishes’: paella, dry rice, watery rice, stew rice, and risottos.


The “Albufera variety” is round and pearly, and it is characterized by sharing some of the excellences of the Bomba rice and of the Sénia rice, since it comes from the intersection of both. After cooking, the grain has absorbed all the flavors of the broth, keeps its shape and firmness, and is loose. The cooking time is around 16 – 18 minutes. This rice is ideal to cook in different ways, in dry rice (paella or baked), honeyed and stew rice’s, even in risottos.


The Jsendra and Gleva varieties are both middle size grain, from the “Tipo Senia” They are wet on the inside and on the surface, which favors driving tastes, and remains creamy after cooking. It is prized by restaurateurs, as always retains its taste and texture. It is a type of grain that during cooking increases its size by 70%, in length and thickness. The cooking time is 16 – 18 minutes. It absorbs well the flavors of the sauce, and detaches more starch during cooking. This rice is recommended for all types of Mediterranean rice.


Brow rice is a husked rice, Jsendra variety. It keeps the bran layer, so all the vitamins and minerals remain in the rice. It is specially recommended for weight diets because it helps the bowel transit. It need 30-35 minutes to be cooked, although if its previously hydrated it can be shortened to 18-20 minutes.


The “Marisma variety” stands out due to the large size of its grain: round, thick and pearly, with great capacity of absorption and low loss of starch during cooking. One of its most notable properties lies in a cooking time slightly shorter than the rest of round rice, about 13 – 15 minutes. It absorbs excellently the flavors of all the ingredients, and it is used especially for honeyed rice, stew rice and risottos as well as sweets, for example, the classic rice pudding.


It’s variety from Asia, larger and glassy-like. It presents a great deal of resistence to overcooking. After been cooked, it doesn’t get sticky, and shows good image and presentation. It requires 18-20 minutes to be cooked.


The rice goes thru a process where it is boiled with water steam, so the nutrients are transferred from the husk to the grain itself. The outcome is a healthier product, enhanced with vitamins, minerals and bran. We offer long and round parboiled rice. It requires 18-20 minutes to be cooked.


Cream-based liqueur, made out of our rice, with unique smell and flavor. We recommend it to be enjoyed after the meal. It has to be very cold, and with some cinnamon or a lemon rind.FotoLicor


It’s a Mediterranean craft beer, blonde, fresh and soft, grateful to drink. It’s produced with Gleva variety. It’s manufactured in the Albufera Natural Park anf supported by The Protected Designation of Origin “Arroz de Valencia”.


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